My best reads in 2010

1. The Hunger Games trilogy – Suzanne Collins
(Well, technically I’ve only read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire so far and both were brilliant. So good that I’m willing to get my copy of Mockingjay at full price. Having previously worked in a bargain bookstore, this is big.)
2. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series – Ann Brashares
3. The Library of Shadows – Mikkel Birkegaard
4. Un Lun Dun – China Miéville
5. Temeraire – Naomi Novik

What about you? I could use some recommendations for the next reading year. 🙂


A book dilemma

Right now, I’m trying to trim my collection of books because i don’t have enough space on my two bookshelves! So, I have these four books of a series. It’s the books by Stephen Clarke about his French-loving Brit Paul West. I liked A Year in the Merde, enjoyed Merde Actually but disliked both Merde Happens and Dial M for Merde.

Help me decide what to do with these books by taking part in my poll below.

If you have any other thoughts feel free to comment. 🙂

Update: I did as the poll results suggested and donated the two books away. 🙂

Tweaks and Tweets

I had an unexpected weekend off from work and with some free time in my hands, I managed to make some tweaks to this book blog.

1. Updated my links
Scroll down the sidebar on the right and you will see three different categories of links: Blogroll is made up of blog friends who occasionally write about books in their blogs (except one interior design blog – occasionally posts bookish things but is not my friend); Book Blogs is self-explanatory; and Bookish Sites are some of my favourite book-related blogs.

2. Joined the Twitter bandwagon
I find that I don’t update this blog as often as I would like. I have stopped reviewing books for ages, concentrating instead of cute bookish stuff I find on the net and the occasional personal, book-related post. I think Twitter is a great place for me to do mini reviews of books I’ve read and to update on my current bookish state from time to time when I am too busy to update here. So if you find a state of inactivity here, don’t forget to check my sidebar for Twitter updates – at least there should be something new there!

Follow me on Twitter here

That’s all the changes for now. I am toying with the idea of book giveaways and other stuff, just to make this place a little more lively. But we’ll see!

Meanwhile, this is so late but I must say thank you to Josette for one lovely blog award.


A Quote to Share

This quote really speaks to me every time I read it. It explains my deep passion for blogging during my college days.

“Writing can be a true spiritual discipline. Writing can help us to concentrate, to get in touch with the deeper stirrings of our hearts, to clarify our minds, to process confusing emotions, to reflect on our experiences, to give artistic expression to what we are living, and to store significant events in our memories. Writing can also be good for others who might read what we write. Quite often a difficult, painful, or frustrating day can be ‘redeemed’ by writing about it. By writing we can claim what we have lived and thus integrate it more fully into our journeys. Then writing can become lifesaving for us and sometimes for others too.”

Henri Nouwen

I wish I can rediscover that passion I used to have.

(Book) Bliss (Happy 101) Award


The rules for the Bliss (Happy 101) Award are that I list out 10 things (only 10???) that make me happy, then pass it along to 10 other bloggers.

Much thanks to Josette for giving me this award, even though I’ve not been very good with updating this blog of late!

As this is a book blog, I shall list 10 things that make me happy that’s related to books.

1. When I find a book I’ve been looking for at a reasonable price. Or better still, dirt cheap!

2. When I stumble upon a book I have not been looking for but sounds so promising I’m excited to read and thus get it. At a reasonable price too, of course.

3. When there’s an upcoming book warehouse sale to look forward to. Books are almost always priced reasonably there!
(Gee, sounds like this isn’t just about books but also about shopping!)

4. When I finish a good book. I just finished Sophie Kinsella’s Twenties Girl and J. K. Rowling’s The Tales of Beedle the Bard and they were quite alright! Lately it seems like the books I’ve read aren’t much to my liking.

5. When I look at my bookshelf. Filled with my favourite books and soon-to-be favourites, when I get around to reading them!

6. When I find a cute bookmark while out shopping to add to my growing collection of bookmarks.

7. When I find anything book-related in things that aren’t, such as a T-shirt that says ‘Read’, or a necklace with a book pendant, or book earrings! Anything I can wear to show off my love for books.

8. When I win a book contest, or receive a book-related gift.

9. When a book arrives in the mail! That is a rare occasion for me since I do not buy books via online shopping.

10. When I visit a bookshop. Strangely enough, I do not browse books there but look for bookish accessories like bookmarks, book covers and the like. I just don’t want to be tempted by the books ‘cos books sold at RRP are just crazy expensive in Malaysia!

There you go, 10 book-related things that make me happy. 😀

I’m supposed to tag 10 other blog friends, but I doubt I have them now. I used to when I was blogging more actively!

I tag:


Okay, 6 out of 10 not too bad. But I cheated ‘cos these are really my Twitter friends. But not really ‘cos I knew them via blogging first, just not this blog! Oh I should just shut up now. 😀

Reading Resolutions

Happy New Year to you!

I hope you had a good time ushering in the new year. As for me, I had an early night on New Year’s Eve, for a change to my usual late nights. Didn’t exactly feel more well-rested the next day but I did enjoy the luxury, nonetheless!

The new year is almost always associated with resolutions. Personally, when I first started blogging I made those typical personal new year resolutions – eat healthier, exercise, travel more blablabla. This year I won’t do this. Instead, I shall make reading resolutions!

1. Read more popular books.
I know this seems like a cop-out or cheesy thing to do. My reason for doing this is simply because I want to know what’s the hype behind the book and to be more in the know with the hot books at the moment.

2. Read more Malaysian books.
Just finished reading The Royal Selangor Story and reminds me that there are great books out there by local authors. Not that I’m not aware of that fact, but it’s just more tempting to devour books by Western authors. I don’t really fancy reading the Asian genre, but books about Malaysia I’ll try to make an exception.

3. Read one classic literature book. Or two.
Like Wuthering Heights. Or Pride & Prejudice, which I never did finish the first time I read it. That sort of classics.

4. Clear my bookshelf…
by rereading a book I don’t really like so I can give it away. I mean, sometimes I find that a book I really enjoyed a few years ago doesn’t mean much to me anymore if I read it again now. And since I keep adding more books to my shelf, I need to make space. Book trimming sounds bad but I think it’s a good thing for me. 🙂

So those are my reading resolutions! Do you have any? Do share them with me!

My Scribbles are Superior!

Well, that’s what this award seems to insinuate to me, heh.


  • Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass The Award on to 5 most-deserving Bloggy Friends.
  • Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award.
  • Each Superior Scribbler must display The Award on his/her blog, and link to This Post, which explains The Award.
  • Each Blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List. That way, we’ll be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives This Prestigious Honor!
  • Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.

It was given to me by a long-time book blog buddy, Josette, whose blog I enjoy visiting because she and I have pretty similar tastes in books. I often see reviews of books that I have read myself; it is fun to read her thoughts on the books and compare that to mine.

So it is a big honour to receive this award from Josette! Considering I hardly blog these days. 😳 I really should pick it back up. Anyway, thank you Josette! 🙂

I now pass this award on to:

MusEditions – one of my longer blog friends who writes beautifully on subject matters that make you sit back and think for a bit. Now that’s what I call superior scribbles! 😀

Lovelyloey – she thinks she’s superior to most people, so I can’t not give this award to her already. 😉 And since I plan to visit her in Singapore soon, maybe this will give me some brownie points, lol!

This awards ceremony abruptly ends because I have no other book blog buddies to pass this award on to. Anyone wants to be my book blog buddy?

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