Decluttering, delinking

I’ve been keeping so many links to share with you here but I clearly don’t post often enough that the links are piling up in my e-mail. So I’ve decided to just put some down here simply – no pictures, no explanations, just snappy headlines for links (which are mostly copied directly from the links themselves!).

50 Awesome Facebook Apps for Serious Bookworms

10 Tips to Create a Relaxing Home Library

9 Things to do with Old Books

10 Cool Converted Bookstores

The Bibliophile’s Guide to Home Decor

Libraries of the Rich and Famous

Anatomy of a Book

How to Care for Your Books

World Book Night, March 5

From fuckyeahreading! (All right, this is a picture technically but it’s instructions, not images!)

Out of curiosity, which one did you click on, if you clicked any?


Bookish Odds and Ends

A bookmobile redefined: instead of driving a bus or van down to remote places to bring books to the rural areas, this Argentine artist thought why not decorate a tank with bookshelves and send that out instead? Watch the video at boingboing.

The Book Cover Archive – great site to drool at books with awesome-looking covers.



Cute bookish images from The New Yorker’s book blog, The Book Bench.

A sweet Malay boy reading a book in the library. More pictures of people reading at Jacket Copy. Otherwise, there’s always Hot Guys Reading Books (link at my sidebar) hehe

Finally, I want a bedroom like that! Or maybe a hotel room. I think cleaning that room would be hellish! Via fuckyeahreading!

Bookish Delight

I’ve been wanting to post something here since World Book Day (the UNESCO one) but for some reason I just can’t! So I’m just leaving quick links to clear up the saved items in my feed reader and at the same time to update this sadly neglected book blog.

Greeting card-cum-bookmark – you’d never throw away this card! Love the bookish themes to these greeting cards/bookmarks. Please give me one!

Book lights galore. Love this one, reminds me of a two-headed alien.

How to make handbags with your books. If I could ever give a good book up in that way this tutorial would be handy.

More book craft to be in awe of. Or to feel awful about, if the thought of tearing off the pages disturbs you!

A jacuzzi with an attached bookshelf? If I had the money it is so sold to me!

My Source of Bookish Inspiration

This has absolutely got to be one of my favourite links for bookish visuals, even though it’s not a bookish site. Freshome features interesting architecture and interior designs around the world, from buildings to homes to furniture. Which means occasionally there are some pretty nifty book-related posts. Here are some of the recent ones they did.

Be literally surrounded by knowledge in this custom home library with a circular bookcase all around the living room.

I don’t really know how to appreciate art sculptures, but I like this idea of words overflowing like an open tap gushing water.

This is very bizarre and creepy to me. But it’s definitely not something you come across every day.

What an excellent way to decorate your home and at the same time make books the focal point of the decoration. I just worry about the poor goldfish though. Putting fresh flowers seem like a better idea.

This is just UTTERLY ADORABLE. Most little girls would go through the fairy tale princess phase, and what better way to make that come true with a play bed that looks like this? I’m not a little girl anymore but I wouldn’t mind sleeping in this for a night or two! The real thing is no fairy tale though – this costs a whopping $20k.

As a bonus, here’s a link to my favourite non-bookish architecture at Freshome – a contemporary interior design that’s fun, colourful and just plain freaking awesome.

For the Listless Bookworms

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’d know I love lists. Especially ones of books!

This site is the mother of all book lists! There’s a list called Books that Make You Re-Think Happiness and it’s a list of books that explores on the subject of happiness. Then there’s one called More Books… About Books! which is really about books that talk about books in general. I’d like a similar list for fiction, as in a list of fiction that has books as part of the plot, such as Diane Setterfield’s The Thirteenth Tale.

This site is great if you like to read books on a specific subject and want to know what are the good titles. Saves you time searching around the bookstore or asking the retail exec at the shop, because it’s quite unlikely the employee would know what to recommend for genres s/he isn’t familiar with. That’s my pet peeve with customers at bookshops – asking for recommendations (unless it’s a genre I’m familiar with) or asking for books that deal with a specific subject. I had one asking me if we have a shelf where we just stock books only on vampires. -_-

Another whopper of a list is this 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die. To help you along, some people created a spreadsheet for it! I love lists but I don’t think I want my reading to be dictated by something like this – I won’t be able to finish it anyway!

And on another site, there’s a list of books that you shouldn’t read. Which are:

* White Noise by Don DeLillo
* Absalom, Absalom by William Faulkner
* One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez
* The Road by Cormac McCarthy
* The Rainbow by D. H. Lawrence
* On the Road by Jack Kerouac
* The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen
* The USA Trilogy by John Dos Passos
* Jacob’s Room by Virginia Woolf
* A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

If you want to know why, read on here.

Bookish Christmas Wishes


This time, the FAIL blog got it kinda right about books (sorting)! (Previously they thought book rental stores are a stupid concept.)

That aside, so what books are you wishing for Christmas? And what books do you plan to give out for Christmas?

My List

Any Roald Dahl book

Flowers for Algernon – Daniel Keyes
Any books by Edward Monkton
Quidditch Through the Ages – Kennilworthy Whisp (Trying to complete my Harry Potter collection, heh) Got it from warehouse sale, yay!

Penguin asked the same question to a group of authors recently. Here’s what they chose: More

Bookish Bric-A-Brac

First, here’s a list of the 100 most misspelled English words. Hopefully you can rely less on spellcheck after reading this! 🙂

Next, here’s a link for a Newspaper Clipping Generator. If you’d like an effect like this:

After that, we have a supposedly Book Rental Fail on the famous FAIL blog. I personally think the joke is on them, as book rental stores are perfectly logical in countries where their libraries are not the most well-equipped. (Yeah, it was kinda touché for me because I happen to frequent book rental stores a lot when I was a kid!)

Then, we have a bookish table from The Ex Libris 2008 by MOCO.


An unconventional way to keep your books? 😉

How about this bookshelf (from the same collection above), which makes it look as if the towering book stack is all done on its own?


Finally, we have Nicholas Jones who uses books and turn them into works of art (or blasphemy, if you think books should never be deformed/manipulated for such purposes! 😛 ) Click here for more pictures and an interview with the man.

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