Shelf Concepts

In Malaysia, bookshelves are just plain bookshelves. But on the World Wide Web, you can find creative, ingenious interpretations of this piece of furniture.

Want to show off books on the shelves but keep them away from dust at the same time? This is a nice compromise of the two criteria.

Want a bookshelf that makes a (rather obvious but cool nonetheless) statement? Swipe this idea.

Want a bookshelf with a hidden message? This is just plain awesome to me.

A bookshelf that doubles up as a portable workspace. Great idea but I have a feeling those books will come tumbling down if you tried to move the furniture.


Multi-storey bookshelves

From bookcaseporn

From Freshome

Also from Freshome

Pictures of bookcases filled with books always make my heart skip a beat. Shelves that span more than one floor are just… breath-taking!

Arbitrary, Literary Pictures

Been keeping these images for some time, thinking I will post them out in a proper theme but none of them seem to fit each other except that they’re all about books.

I’d love a mug like that, but mine should say “hot chocolate” instead of coffee.

This was my work desktop’s wallpaper. Love the magical, glittery stuff spiralling out of the book.

I don’t know why but I really like this picture of book thongs in books. Very pretty bookmarks.

What an image of the gorgeous Gwyneth Paltrow.

Hoo boy, I want a bedroom like that.

Bookshelves and things that resemble them

I super love this bookshelf. Stylish and functional!

Another super adorable bookish object. A homemade bookish plant rack. Almost makes me want to do some gardening.

What an awesome-looking garage!

Gasp… a bookshelf that leads to a secret bookshelf?? This is just too much.

Okay, I take that back. This is beyond too much. This is like… being imprisoned in a giant bookshelf except that I WANT TO BE! More pictures here and here.

There wasn’t anything I particularly fancy but I thought how creative it is that they can use skateboards to make all sorts of furniture – from bookshelves to swings! So am putting a link here if that piques your interest.

Racks to Check (out)

This bookshelf pays tribute to the origins of the book. The tree-shaped rack has multi-purpose usage, as you can see.

This bookshelf has a adjustable bookend so your books will always stay upright no matter where they are on the shelf.

This bookshelf looks like it can be easily replicated using leftovers of a woodwork project. Love the homemade DIY feel to it. The creator of this shelf won an award for her creativity.


How about this 2-D rack? Very cute sticker wallpaper. Available in other designs, such as a skyline view or the Eiffel Tower!

Another version of the tree-inspired bookshelf. Good for books or decorative items. Or books as said decorative items.

All bookshelves spotted at my favourite interior decoration website, Freshome (see sidebar for link).

Living with Books

I’ve always thought that when I have my dream home I would dedicate a room just for my books. My personal library, or perhaps a library in a room where I would put the computer in so that I would spend most of my time being surrounded by them. Looking at these pictures of living room ideas is making me think twice.




There’s a quote that goes, “Books are not made for furniture, but there is nothing else that so beautifully furnishes a house.” Henry Ward Beecher might not have seen these pictures when he said that but he probably had in mind something similar!

Check out the other contemporary living room ideas at Freshome.

Mind-Boggling Bookshelves

Bookshelves often seem to burst. You always try to squeeze in another book into the last gap which is far too narrow. „Platzhalter“ gives in to force and makes space for more books by literally bursting. An initially hidden board stretches between the split halves and widens the usable surface. The more books you add to the shelf, the wider it opens. The classical rectangular shape turns into a V-shaped outline until the shelf reaches its defined limit.

Behold the ‘bursting’ bookshelf.


Personally, the design is not aesthetically pleasing but it sure is unique! (By the way, I’m not sure why the guy looks like he thinks the bookshelf is smelly.)


And what about this Book Porcupine? Looks messy but pretty darn cute! If I have a bookshop I’d use this to display last copy books as an appealing way to attract customers. Or if I were to put it in my room then I’d put the books waiting to be read, to make them look more enticing. 😛 Then again, I might not with the price tag of 950 pounds!


The photo above is so simple in its presence, just a bookcase in a non-descript room that you wouldn’t think much of it. It is the photo of the bookcase which swung out to cover the secret opening to the annex where Anne Frank’s family lived while in hiding from the Nazi’s.

It sure makes you think about bookcases differently.

Found this interesting bookshelf trivia via here.

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