Have a seat with all your books

The complete furniture for a reader: light, seat and storage.

I would feel quite uncomfortable sitting on this book chaise. The books look quite real from here!

This has to be my personal favourite though I can imagine how difficult it would be to maintain it. Think of its dust-worthy potential.

This is so cute! I’d put shoes there, though, I think.

I’m liking this too.

A bigger and more awesome version of the previous bookseat/shelf thingy.

An even bigger and more awesome version of the previous! Reminds me of a diner. Super cool!


Bookish Wallpapers

Not exactly a wallpaper but it could be. A trompe l’oeil library by artist Adam Dant.

Looks a bit spooky but I like it.

Oooh, I like this too. I like how natural it looks.

This is absolutely mind-boggling. Books from floor to ceiling, literally! If only I can visit this cafe.

Right now, I’d be perfectly contented with some bookish art, something bright and abstract like this one.

Book me for these

My apologies for the long absence! I’ve been too caught up with watching DVDs that even my reading has been affected. *gasp* That evil, evil idiot box! But for now, more bookish stuff for you to look at.

I like this Animal Index! It’s like a bookmark but instead of putting it in your book you put it out of your book, between your books. Certainly adds character to your bookcase.

This pen is ordinary is every way except that it’s called BOOKWORM. Need I say more?

I don’t like the overall look of this book cover (the lion is icky to me) but it’s a book cover with books as part of its design! How can I not like it? Check out the site for more designs. They are all tapestry-like, though.

Oh, just stumbled upon this from that website and this is so cute (despite the fact that it reminds me of something grandmotherly)! I would be tempted to use this as a bag (despite the grandma associations).

Nice shelf! You could put other stuff besides books but the metropolitan city pattern makes it look best with books, I think. There’s another one that’s cloud-shaped.

Isn’t this book painting absolutely divine? I’ve been searching for pictures of books to decorate my home, they are all so expensive sadly. If only I could paint, I could make something like this too then…

Yet more bookish gadgets

Must click –> 10 creative and unusual book-inspired designs. I love almost all of the gadgets featured! My favourite is the Workaholic Pillow – book-shaped pillow that folds up into a book. Awe-some!

Here is another tree bookshelf. Not sure why I keep featuring them as they are not my favourite but oh well… they’re novelties!

Give your books a tinge of green with Green Markers. Looks like weeds are growing out of your books. Cute.

My favourite bookish item of the day. Bookish curtains!!! Granted, it’s a shower curtain but hey, if I could buy it I’d use it as curtains for my room, I don’t care.

You know, I’d actually buy an iPhone just to use this phone cover. Yes, I’m ridiculous like that.

And how about this awesome reading cabinet? It’s like a mini library spot in itself. Would love this for my dream home some day.

And to accompany the reading cabinet would be this illuminated bookcase. Sigh… why does the innernets tempt me so???

In My Book greeting-card-cum-bookmark

A couple of months ago, I featured a greeting-card-cum-bookmark which I absolutely liked for its bookish themes. I jokingly said that I would like one and who knew that the president of the company that produces these greeting cards read my post and granted my wish!

He left a comment on that post and I promptly emailed him my address. I received the card about a week or two ago. That’s his name card in the plastic wrapping of the greeting card.

The In My Book greeting-card-cum-bookmark series has 15 different bookish designs. I chose this one because the woman is reading a book in a room surrounded by books. The greeting says “In my book… you’re novel” which I think is cute. If you are a guy wanting to get a card for a girl you like (who loves to read), this card will definitely score you some brownie points. 😉 The other 14 greeting cards have greetings with bookish references. Any book lover will love to receive an In My Book greeting card.

This is to illustrate how big is the greeting card. It is much bigger than a standard mass paperback novel and thus larger than your average bookmark. It may not fit my copy of Natsuo Kirino’s Real World but it is the perfect size for my copy of Walter Moers’ The 13½ Lives of Captain Bluebear because the book is larger than average (the sort of size of an omnibus containing a trilogy).

The greeting card has perforated edges for you to separate the bookmark from the card but personally, I think it is more special to keep the card together with the bookmark. Not many bookmarks has a personal touch like this, don’t you think? Then again, not many people give bookmarks as gifts in the first place. Or greeting cards these days, for that matter. Which is why In My Book greeting cards make a suitable casual gift… or maybe meaningful too, depending on what you write in the card. It is left blank inside for you to write according to the occasion.

Check out the In My Book website for more card designs and information. Each card costs USD$3.95, which includes shipping (I think that’s just in the US, though).

A big thank you to Robin for giving me an In My Book greeting card! I hope to collect the other designs if I ever see them sold in Malaysia, or should I visit the US some day.

A Headcase for Bookcase(s)

This place is fast becoming like fuckyeahreading, isn’t it? Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that. 😛 I don’t intend to make this blog like that though. But meanwhile, I just have to show you some pictures of some cute bookshelves from my favourite interior design site Freshome.

I think this looks gorgeous. So pretty I probably won’t put many books on it so that is prettiness can be admired by all my house guests.

Is this for real?? Well, it’s certainly one of the most interesting bookcases around for sure.

For the wine lover? The bookcase reminds me of a big wine rack in a cellar. Looks good aesthetically but I can’t arrange my books. It would only be for show in my home if I had it. But it sure looks good!

For the book-lovin’ old school video gamer. A simple yet interesting piece of furniture.

For the tech geek. It only looks good in a set, I think.

Read Books, Not T-Shirts

I wholeheartedly agree! But I also love to wear T-shirts that make reference to books, so this is one awesome tee to me.

How about wearing your favourite book cover? Out of Print Clothing has some classic book cover prints on their T-shirts, such as the one above. Other similar T-shirt sites are Kafkacotton and Literary Rags.

Unshelved is a comic strip about a library and its wacky characters but they also have a store selling bookish T-shirts, as seen above. There’s a book bag version for that design too. There’s currently a dozen of different bookish statement tees. I want them all!

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