Book Donation 2008

This is an archive of books I’ve donated or given for the year 2008. Click here for books I’ve donated last year.

College Fundraising Event
Model Behaviour – Geraldine Ryan
The Last Juror – John Grisham
The Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown

To Friends
Shopaholic Ties the Knot – Sophie Kinsella (Thecla)
Life Swap – Jane Green (Thecla)
The Trouble with Tuck – Theodore Taylor (Samantha)
My Uncle Oswald – Roald Dahl (Yvonne)
Animal Farm – George Orwell (Yvonne)
About a Boy – Nick Hornby (Vanessa)

To Private Library
Breakfast With Scot – Michael Downing
A Spoonful of Jam – Michelle Magorian
The Trumpet of the Swan – E. B. White
Desperation – Stephen King
Smoke & Mirrors – Neil Gaiman
A Long Way Down – Nick Hornby
The Jane Austen Book Club – Karen Joy Fowler

Total: 16 books


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