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I’ve been keeping so many links to share with you here but I clearly don’t post often enough that the links are piling up in my e-mail. So I’ve decided to just put some down here simply – no pictures, no explanations, just snappy headlines for links (which are mostly copied directly from the links themselves!).

50 Awesome Facebook Apps for Serious Bookworms

10 Tips to Create a Relaxing Home Library

9 Things to do with Old Books

10 Cool Converted Bookstores

The Bibliophile’s Guide to Home Decor

Libraries of the Rich and Famous

Anatomy of a Book

How to Care for Your Books

World Book Night, March 5

From fuckyeahreading! (All right, this is a picture technically but it’s instructions, not images!)

Out of curiosity, which one did you click on, if you clicked any?

Shelf Concepts

In Malaysia, bookshelves are just plain bookshelves. But on the World Wide Web, you can find creative, ingenious interpretations of this piece of furniture.

Want to show off books on the shelves but keep them away from dust at the same time? This is a nice compromise of the two criteria.

Want a bookshelf that makes a (rather obvious but cool nonetheless) statement? Swipe this idea.

Want a bookshelf with a hidden message? This is just plain awesome to me.

A bookshelf that doubles up as a portable workspace. Great idea but I have a feeling those books will come tumbling down if you tried to move the furniture.

My best reads in 2010

1. The Hunger Games trilogy – Suzanne Collins
(Well, technically I’ve only read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire so far and both were brilliant. So good that I’m willing to get my copy of Mockingjay at full price. Having previously worked in a bargain bookstore, this is big.)
2. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series – Ann Brashares
3. The Library of Shadows – Mikkel Birkegaard
4. Un Lun Dun – China Miéville
5. Temeraire – Naomi Novik

What about you? I could use some recommendations for the next reading year. :)

Happy Bookish Christmas

Now this is my perfect Christmas tree. No pine needles dropping and absolutely unique! As for the second tree, it’d be lovely to have one like that all year round, don’t you think? Though pity the books when it rains… From fuckyeahreading! and The Book Bench.

Happy Christmas! I hope I get a book or book voucher as one of my presents this year.

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