Crafty Bookish Stuff

When I dress up, I love to match and accessorise. It’s fun to put together an outfit that shows off my personality. When I read books, sometimes I do the same too. I have some Roald Dahl and Harry Potter bookmarks that I can’t not use if I reread these particular books. Then I saw these bookmarks.

I want The Little Prince one!

And since I love to show off that I’m crazy about books, I think I must have something like this in my home some day, even though I’ll have an actual room filled with books.

Anthropologie (the website I found this from) also has some classic books with the most exquisite covers. Obviously to cater to people looking to making their living room prettier and more intellectual with the presence of these books.

And this. This combines my love of books and collecting postcards. I’d never use any of this for my participation in PostCrossing if I ever get my hands on them!

100 Penguin Classic Postcards available at

Previously it was a princessy bedroom, now it’s a fairy one.


Brought to you by my favourite interior design site.

Sigh, why wasn’t I born into a rich family? Then again, I might not be reading much if I were.


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