Reading Resolutions

Happy New Year to you!

I hope you had a good time ushering in the new year. As for me, I had an early night on New Year’s Eve, for a change to my usual late nights. Didn’t exactly feel more well-rested the next day but I did enjoy the luxury, nonetheless!

The new year is almost always associated with resolutions. Personally, when I first started blogging I made those typical personal new year resolutions – eat healthier, exercise, travel more blablabla. This year I won’t do this. Instead, I shall make reading resolutions!

1. Read more popular books.
I know this seems like a cop-out or cheesy thing to do. My reason for doing this is simply because I want to know what’s the hype behind the book and to be more in the know with the hot books at the moment.

2. Read more Malaysian books.
Just finished reading The Royal Selangor Story and reminds me that there are great books out there by local authors. Not that I’m not aware of that fact, but it’s just more tempting to devour books by Western authors. I don’t really fancy reading the Asian genre, but books about Malaysia I’ll try to make an exception.

3. Read one classic literature book. Or two.
Like Wuthering Heights. Or Pride & Prejudice, which I never did finish the first time I read it. That sort of classics.

4. Clear my bookshelf…
by rereading a book I don’t really like so I can give it away. I mean, sometimes I find that a book I really enjoyed a few years ago doesn’t mean much to me anymore if I read it again now. And since I keep adding more books to my shelf, I need to make space. Book trimming sounds bad but I think it’s a good thing for me. 🙂

So those are my reading resolutions! Do you have any? Do share them with me!


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