Bookish Gifts for the Season

The Christmas shopping rush begins now… if you don’t want to brave the crowds at shopping malls, try online shopping for these gadgets for your bookish loved ones.


This is a Pillow Light. Pretty self-explanatory. Looks a little odd and I’d think hugging the light bit might not be very comfortable after a while when it heats up! You can find it at Kidsmodern.


The Pride and Prejudice board game for Jane Austen fans. The link also leads to the A Christmas Carol board game – more suitable for the season, perhaps? I wonder how the games go. You can find more Jane Austen inspired gifts at the Inkwell Bookstore Blog.


Another board game, The Great Penguin Bookchase. This looks pretty interesting, I wouldn’t mind playing this one! Love the miniature bookish props. You can buy it at its website or read a review of it here.

There’s a whole world of bookish products out there at The Literary Gift Company. I daren’t browse for fear of wanting more bookish things I already can’t have, so I’ll let you brave this on your own. Happy Christmas shopping! 😉


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. kay
    Dec 11, 2009 @ 06:24:12

    That pillow light is absolutely cute!

    I love the Penguin board game though! You’re right, the little bookish props are really cute.

    nylusmilk: well, i think the pillow light model is cuter. 😉 too bad they don’t have the penguin board game as an online version… then we could play with other bookish people any time!


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