Oh Billy, How I Adore Thee


I recently went to Ikea and I’m so in love with the limited edition Billy bookcases – the black one.

I have two Flarke bookcases in my room. I chose those over Billy because they are cheaper at RM99 each, unlike Billy which costs RM185 for the normal ones and over RM200 for the limited edition.

Ikea is celebrating 30 years of Billy the bookcase. You can read about it at BBC and Guardian.

Not all is nice and lovely with Billy bookcase, as this piece of news reveals that the factory in Sweden that has been making Billy bookcases will be shut down for a cheaper version in Slovakia.

You can see how people furnish their Billy bookcases on Flickr.

Billy the bookcase is out of my budget currently – not to mention out of my room space – so I’m settling for Laiva bookcase that costs RM75. Would have got one the day I went to Ikea but they were sold out of it. ­čśŽ


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