The ‘Net Never Runs Out of Bookish Things to Tempt Me


Another personal library kit. This is better than the one I previously posted about.


Oh, this would be a great diet motivation sweater! 😀 Well, in concept, at least. The site has also other awesome bookish tops, sigh.


And how cute is this Booxstore? (Great name for a bookshop!) Organise your stuff in boxes that looks like books. Put them on a shelf and they’ll probably be mistaken as a bookshelf. Perfect for non-bookworms or what? I just happen to be a bookworm and love to organise stuff in boxes, so this is beyond perfect for me.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Josette
    Oct 03, 2009 @ 13:16:06

    I don’t like lending out my books to people too. I’ll only worry about how they’ll handle the books or if they kept it too long. But that personal library kit is certainly a good one.

    Oh, you have an award waiting for you at my blog.

    nylusmilk: yup, me too. i always try to read a borrowed book with this in mind ‘cos i know the owner would like it back asap. unless the owner assured me that i could take my time with it!

    oh, thank you so much! that’s really kind of you. 🙂


  2. museditions
    Oct 03, 2009 @ 17:46:30

    Like the kit, but agree I don’t like lending out books much either. What if they get lost? Can’t find their way home? What if they miss me? 😉
    Hmmm…food; books. food; books. Just have to have both.
    Like the box. I would definitely hide, um, I mean, keep things in that.

    nylusmilk: now that i’m thinking about it, you know what would be a good bookish invention? if we could insert a tagging system that will locate where our books are! that way they would never go missing if they are borrowed as they could be located via gps. 😆

    i agree, but i think if i could read more books than eat more food i would be a healthier person, physically and mentally!

    hehe, what have you got to hide?


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