Pricey Bookish Stuff

Goodness, I really need to update this blog more often. How did I ever manage to do a post every two days before??


This is the Well Read Life Annotation Kit and I wouldn’t mind having one! Only USD$28. 😆 Actually, I don’t scribble on my precious books but there are those second-hand copies I own which I don’t mind defacing with intelligent and thoughtful notes! If I am even remotely capable of that, that is.


Oooohhhh, this I WANT! This Flexform Oltre sofa is my dream sofa, one I want to have when I own my own pad some day. The sofa surrounded by bookshelves will be pure bookish eye candy for me as I will fill them up with my favourite books. The sofa looks mightily inviting too, so soft and cushy. I bet I would take lots of naps and enjoy reading marathons on it. Aesthetics and function, what more would you want in a sofa? I don’t know the price, but I know I can’t afford it. Unless I make it myself! Hmm, now that’s not entirely impossible…


Okay, so this has to be the ultimate bookish accessory! My friend Carocat told me about this Library of antique and scrap leather books for the neck – eleven miniature books. At first glance, it does seem a little crazy to be wearing that many books around your neck. I mean, even one book would be plenty enough for me, considering how difficult it is to find bookish accessories. (My prized accessory remains to be those book earrings my bookish friend Lovelyloey made for me.) But this is the perfect accessory to show of how crazy I am about books. And it would be a conversational piece for sure. 😉 ONLY USD$325. *faints*

Since 99% of us probably can’t afford any of the above – USD$28 for scraps of paper and dry liner, whatever that is, is way too expensive – enjoy this free bookish game: The Dan Brown Sequel Generator. If you love or hate Dan Brown, you’ll enjoy it anyway. For like 5 seconds.


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