The Book Stalking Process

Taken from here.

Phase 1: Where are they?

* Where does you bookshelf live in your home? Is it in an obvious place or are you hiding it?
My bookshelf is in my room, which could be a hideaway of some sorts since it is not visible to visitors. It’s not that I’m not proud of my books, but the books are mine and so they go in there, as I’m still living with family. It also ensures nobody disturbs my books. If I have my own pad someday it’ll be in the living room for sure. Or if I’m that rich – in a room designated as my private library!

* Is the bookshelf built around the room or vice versa?
The former. What to do?

* Do you have a room specifically for books?
Read the answer two questions above.

* Can I see your bookshelf after you’ve sat me down with a glass of wine?
If you want to, sure!

* Did you spend money on your bookshelf or is it an IKEA atrocity?
It is an IKEA “atrocity”. I put it up myself, so I’m pretty happy with it!

Phase 2: How are they arranged?

* Have you committed to a pure bookshelf?
What does it mean to have a ‘pure’ bookshelf? I put my books on the bookshelf. I also put an audio book there and clear plastic wrapper for the new books I want to wrap.

* Is the arrangement chaotic or calm? Is this is a shrine or a utility?
I arrange my books in alphabetical order according to the authors’ surnames. It looks a little chaotic but there’s system in it. To me, it is very precious.

* Vertical or horizontal stacking? What’s the rule? Is there a rule?
Vertical, of course. I used to have a shelf that wouldn’t fit my books vertically so I had to put them horizontally. It did make searching for titles much easier as I didn’t have to tilt my head to read the titles at the spines of the books.

* Is it full?
I have two bookshelves next to each other. One is full and the other is half full.

* Does your book arrangement tell a story?
No story, just a typical system.

* Do you use bookends? Are they functional or ornate? What’s their story?
I have one plain old bookend but I would love to have fancy ones if I ever come across some affordable ones. The really nice ones on the ‘net are crazy expensive!

Phase 3: And what do you read?

* Are these the books I expect based on what I know about you?
Yes, they are books I typically read.

* Do these books represent your entire life or just right now?
I don’t think they represent my life, just my taste.

* Can I tell, at a glance, the three most important books?
No, you couldn’t. But I like most of the books on my shelves so they are all pretty much just as important to me.

* Which books are you… hiding?
All my books are on the shelves or around it. If I have to hide any books it would only be my personal journal, and that’s a blog!

* How do you react when you see me stalking your bookshelf? What’s the first story you’re going to tell?
I’d ask if there’s any book you’d like to borrow. I love to recommend books but sadly not many like to try my recommendations. 🙂

* Is there a glaringly obvious book that does not belong?
Susie Orbach’s Fat is a Feminist Issue. Don’t ask.


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    nylusmilk: yay, i wanna read it!


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