More Bookish Stuff


I love this picture of books lined up as if on a shelf. It’s called Ideal Bookshelf 1 and the art was by Jane Mount. Hmm, makes me want a picture of my own ideal bookshelf!


This is a library edition Monopoly set. Isn’t that sweet?? I can pretend to own libraries and bookstores! There are more library editions of classic board games at Amazon. Sigh, amazing…


A Burning Bookmark is one of the gifts you can get from Perpetual Kid, which sells “unique gifts to entertain your inner child”. I like the Hello Kitty Nerd Wallet and Lucky Charms Lip Balm myself. 😀


Now if there’s anything to make your room smell like a bookshop, it’s this Smell of Books spray! It’s marketed to enhance your e-book experience but personally I prefer to spray it around my room, where my books are – but it’s not recommended to do so at the site. They also have sprays that smells like sensibility, inspired by Jane Austen, and bacon, and cats! Bizarre doesn’t even begin to describe the smells to me.

And finally, you can get a free bookmark here. Sadly, only for US residents. I was about to send one for myself when I realised I can’t give them a self-addressed stamped envelope from Malaysia!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Josette
    Aug 22, 2009 @ 18:00:57

    Wow, the spray’s an invention I’ve never heard of! Imagine spraying every corner of the house, even the toilet. Haha!

    nylusmilk: the weird bit is that it’s not invented as a room spray but for your e-book reader! 😕


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