Drinks with a Literary Twist

Yet another forward mail titbit. Below is a list of literary cocktails!

1. The Master And Margarita
2. The Turn of the Screwdriver
3. Oliver Twister
4. White Russian Fang
5. Love In the Time of Kahlua
6. Atonicment
7. Cider With Rosies
8. A Clockwork Orange de menthe
9. The Last Mimosa
10. Treasure Island Iced Tea
11. Of Mice and Menthe
12. Death In Venice

Any contributions from you? I’m thinking

13. A Sidecar Named Desire



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. museditions
    Jul 23, 2009 @ 11:30:32

    Hah! Sidecar, good one!

    Invisible Harvey Wallbanger? {nah, not too good} 😦
    Catcher in the Rye whiskey? {bleh!}
    Gone with the Gin { 😐 }
    A Vodka to Remember {?}
    Fizzler on the Roof { 🙂 }
    The Long (Island) Goodbye (to Ice Tea) {OMG}
    PORTnoy’s Complaint {No?}
    A Tale of two Sippys {yeesh!}
    Rum for your Life {ehhh!}
    Beer and Far {oh, well}

    All right, I’m outta here. How did you get me into this? How does this help me pursue my literary? 😯 😀

    nylusmilk: haha you have a knack for this don’t you! 😀 i love gone with the gin, a vodka to remember, the long goodbye, a tale of two sippys and rum for your life!! so cheesy yet cute.

    hehe, well… it is creative writing of a sort. that’s one form of literary pursuit!


  2. Catherine
    Aug 21, 2010 @ 08:23:43

    Haha, sone great ones here! How about ‘tequila mockingbird’? Tehe.

    nylusmilk: smashing! i’d have that on the rocks, please. :mrgreen:


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