Honk! If You’re Malaysian – Lydia Teh


Lydia Teh is a desperate housewife and writer. She’s desperate for her books to sell well so she can pay for her children to cook and clean while she spends more time writing.

Honk! If You’re Malaysian is her third book. Her first, Congratulations! You Have Won:A Guidebook on How to Maximize Your Chances of Winning Competitions, was published in 2001, while her second, Life’s Like That: Scenes from Malaysian Life, was published in 2004.

You can read her jottings on her weblog at http://www.lydiateh.wordpress.com or email her at tehlydia@yahoo.com. She welcomes comments and feedback.

The book in one sentence: Malaysians and their ‘best’ quirks, told in short essays with a good dose of humour.

Who would you recommend it to: People interested to read about the other side of Malaysians.

OK bits: I did laugh out loud reading some chapters, but I forgot which.

Boring bits: There were some boring bits but I can’t remember which either.

Random review quote:

“What we have here is a delightful treasure trove of Malaysian idiosyncrasies that we can all identify with. ” – Reggie Lee

Verdict: All the raving reviews at the back cover and at the first few pages made me expect too much, so I’m left somewhat underwhelmed after reading it. Is it bad? Not at all, I’m just not as crazy about it as the glowing reviews the book has generally received. I think if the reader wasn’t Malaysian he or she might like it better. It’s an entertaining way to learn about Malaysian culture.

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