Finding the Drama Queen in Me

Well, more like finding which historical queen am I in this quiz. Apparently I am…

Your result for The Which Historical Queen Are You Test

Queen Hatshepsut

You scored 67% on ruling power!

Queen Hatshepsut

You are: Hatshepsut, Queen of Egypt, 15th century B.C. Hatshepsut was a powerful political person in Egypt even before she assumed the title of Pharaoh. She had a peaceful reign promoting trade and the arts. Her beautiful temple at Deir el-Bahri still stands west of Thebes.

Who the heck is that?? But I answered that I love colourful dresses with exotic designs, who’s this topless queen I’m supposed to resemble??

Technically, this isn’t very bookish nor literary, but since we are on that topic, have you read any historical fiction about royalty? I like Philippa Gregory’s royalty fiction; so far, I’ve read The Constant Princess (about Catherine of Aragon, wife of Arthur, then later Charles the VIII) and The Virgin Lover (about Queen Elizabeth, just after claiming the throne and was in a precarious political position who has fallen in love with her married friend and has an affair with him). Have yet to get my hands on that famous The Other Boleyn Girl. They aren’t historically accurate, but they’re sure real fun to read and ponder about Gregory’s interpretation of royalty then.


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  1. spinninglists
    Jan 13, 2009 @ 23:01:32

    I haven’t read any about any royalty – although my bookshelf of “must read” is full of them. I did read Pope Joan by Donna Cross, about the ‘rumored’ female pope during the dark ages. That was actually pretty good. And plus – the pope is royalty of some sorts.

    sulz: there’s a ‘rumoured’ female pope? talk about controversial – and interesting reading material! 🙂 hehe, yeah, the royalty of religion, that is. the only things remotely touching on religion i’ve read are dan brown’s the da vinci code and angels and demons! 😆


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