The Shakespeare Meme

What was your first introduction to William Shakespeare? Was it love or hate?
My first proper introduction to Shakespeare was when I was 16 and studying for my Literature in English class – Macbeth. It was mostly dislike because I couldn’t understand it!

Which Shakespeare plays have you been required to read?
I had to read Macbeth for my O-Level equivalent of English Literature and Hamlet for my A-Level equivalent.

Do you think Shakespeare is important? Do you feel you are a “better” person for having read the bard?
I suppose it’s undeniable that Shakespeare contributed largely to English literature and is therefore important. I also suppose I am a ‘better’ person for having read two of his plays because then I could say I did. 😆

Do you have a favorite Shakespeare play?

I have only read those two, so between them I would prefer Macbeth. I have read abridged versions of other Shakespeare plays but I don’t think that counts.

How do you feel about contemporary takes on Shakespeare? Adaptations of Shakespeare’s works with a more modern feel? Do you have a favorite you’d recommend?
When I studied for Macbeth and Hamlet, we used a book that has the original text on one side and the Modern English equivalent on the other. It really helped a lot in understanding Shakespeare’s archaic language. So yes, I think contemporary takes would appeal to the younger generation, especially since in essence Shakespeare’s stories are timeless.

What’s your favorite movie version of a Shakespeare play?
I think I’ve watched Macbeth and Hamlet movies during class, and there’s that recent famous Romeo and Juliet movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio (and I have also watched another older version)… I think I like the Hamlet one among them. It starred Kenneth Branagh and Helena Bonham Carter, if I’m not mistaken.


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