The Literary Pursuit Takes A Different Direction

Happy New Year, readers! With new years come new beginnings, and The Literary Pursuit shall do just that.

I started working about 4 months ago, and I’m still adjusting to working life after graduating from college. Due to that, book blogging is going to take a back seat in my priorities. Previously, I publish a post every two days. Now, I shall publish randomly, time-wise. (Actually, I still have some posts lined up every couple of days for this week. Old habits are hard to break. 😛 ) This doesn’t mean I will have The Literary Pursuit languish into inactivity, as I did a few months ago when I took a break from it. It just means I won’t be posting regularly or as frequently. But I’m on the constant lookout for sweet bookish stuff as always!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my friends and readers of this blog who have so kindly helped me out by guest posting, because I had a hard time finding content for the blog a few weeks ago with work taking up most of my time. (And reading too, it’s still a priority in my life!)

Gentledove, for her quirky poetry.

Lovelyloey, for her thought-provoking musing about book covers.

MusEditions, for her interesting recommendation on mystery series!

Anyway, I hope you will continue to visit The Literary Pursuit. Take care and cheers to a new 2009! 🙂


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Josette
    Dec 31, 2008 @ 01:28:20


    All the best with your job! But aww, I’m going to miss reading your posts.

    No worries, I’ve subscribed to your feed a long time ago so I’ll definitely be updated if you have any new posts. 🙂

    A happy new year to you too!

    nylusmilk: thanks, i need lots of that there. 😦 well, i still have a few posts lined up every couple of days this week and the next, so don’t worry! 🙂

    awesome – i have yours in mine too. 😉 thanks!


  2. museditions
    Jan 08, 2009 @ 02:40:32

    Thanks for the linky! I will be interested to see how you go on here. I still owe you a sci-fi post, don’t I?

    nylusmilk: thanks for guest posting! haha, so far i have not kept to my word – still a few more posts lined up every couple of days for this week and the next, i think. 😳 don’t worry about that – take your time if you’re still up for it. 🙂


  3. The Totton linnet
    Jan 16, 2009 @ 19:01:15

    I think I learned that I can’t do poetry to order very well, Suddenly nylusmilk makes her decisions.

    nylusmilk: eh? i’m not sure what you’re saying… 😕


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