Like Water for Chocolate – Laura Esquivel


Laura Esquivel is the award-winning author of Like Water for Chocolate, which has sold over four and a half million copies around the world in thirty-five languages, and was made into a film with a screenplay by the author. She is also the author of The Law of Love and Swift as Desire. She lives in Mexico City.

The book in one sentence: According to Mexican tradition, Tita as the last daughter in the family cannot marry and has to look after her mother for the rest of her life, but the problem is she has found the love of her life, who in his desperate attempt to stay close to her, agreed to marry Tita’s sister…

Who would you recommend it to: People who like to read recipe books and have good imaginations.

OK bits: I enjoyed how the story begins each chapter with a recipe and the instructions to the recipe is infused with the story. I also liked the fantastical element.

Boring bits: Actually, I didn’t care much for the recipes. I love food but I don’t cook. 😛

Random review quote:

“If originality, a compelling tale and an adventure in the kitchen are what you creave, Like Water for Chocolate serves up the full helping” – Carla Matthews, San Francisco Chronicle

Verdict: Very interesting book! (Okay, that doesn’t say much, but I don’t really know how else to describe it… doesn’t sound interesting like that, but it is, believe me!)


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