Book-like Bags


Well, technically this isn’t a bag, but it does look like one, doesn’t it? It’s like a ‘bag’ for your books, except it’s really a stackable bookshelf, Vasu by Mikko Laakonen. Isn’t that cute? Not to mention convenient if you want to move the shelf.


This is Case by the same designer. Neat way to keep magazines, in a minimalist fashion.

3 4

Now these are real book-like bags! Made from real books; check them out at Rebound Designs. They also make quirky pins that would make great accessories for your bag. The quirky part is that the pins are clichéd phrases from romance novels! See below to get what I mean.



And this is the perfect book-like clutch, one of the Ex Libris Collection by Femme Sud, to go into the book-like bag.


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