A book for any occasion

That’s what I believe; that a book can be the perfect companion for any moment. Waiting for the bus? A book will be great while waiting. Queueing up to pay for your latest shopping spree? A book will be great to while the time away. Need to answer nature’s call? A book will keep you entertain while you… you get the point. 🙂

But is a book really all that welcome for any occasion? For instance, as a kid I often read books while at dinners with adults. My parents didn’t mind me doing that since I couldn’t join in the adults’ conversation and there weren’t kids my age. Because I bring a book everywhere I go, I sometimes do it in the company of other people who are not my parents’ friends. I’m not totally engrossed in my book, because I can’t exactly concentrate on a book when things are going on around me, but at least it gave me something to do.

Recently, I learnt that this isn’t polite to do. To my defense, I don’t just go to a social event, find a spot and plonk myself with my book. I’m not the most social of creatures, and I don’t like to call attention to myself by trying hard to fit in a conversation where I don’t exactly belong because I don’t know the nature of the conversation, so sometimes I dip my nose in my book every now and then, while waiting for a shift in conversation that I could chip in because I have something to say about the topic. Well, apparently it’s considered rude to some. Having been brought up by a family who doesn’t mind me reading anytime I want to, I never thought my reading habits can be considered rude.

Also, if you didn’t already know, reading in the toilet isn’t exactly the most healthy of habits either, as it promotes prolonged sitting on the ‘throne’ and in turn can cause piles (aka haemorrhoids). I still read in the toilet despite this knowledge, but I try to keep my sittings to a minimal amount of time. 😛 This is another example in which reading is not considered suitable, for health purposes.

What other occasions do you think reading is not suitable? Have you done it before, only to be told by others it’s not suitable, or have you seen someone reading at what you considered an inappropriate situation?


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