Working An Instrument

I can really relate to this poem now that I’ve started working!

Ivory Keys and Violin Strings

How I wish I know my work
Like the ivory keys of a piano
Where I know which key is C
And which one is D
And the keys in black
Either means sharp or flat
It’s as simple as that!

But the ups and downs of my work
Resembles the playing of a violin
Where I have to touch the right noe
At the right string
To know where on earth is that E
On that D string next go G
(Oh dear, do you follow me?)

Well, as long as I’m not tone deaf
And I know the mistakes along the strings
Never give up hope
To find that right note
Try and try again
Till it becomes second nature
Like breathing out and breathing in
(To borrow that arrogant Prof. Higgin’s’
Rather humble expression…)

Lisa Khalilah Bte Khalili

*Professor Henry Higgins is a character in Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion, in which the musical My Fair Lady was based. The expression “like breathing out and breathing in” was used in one of the musical’s songs, I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face.


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