Bookish Bric-A-Brac

First, here’s a list of the 100 most misspelled English words. Hopefully you can rely less on spellcheck after reading this! 🙂

Next, here’s a link for a Newspaper Clipping Generator. If you’d like an effect like this:

After that, we have a supposedly Book Rental Fail on the famous FAIL blog. I personally think the joke is on them, as book rental stores are perfectly logical in countries where their libraries are not the most well-equipped. (Yeah, it was kinda touché for me because I happen to frequent book rental stores a lot when I was a kid!)

Then, we have a bookish table from The Ex Libris 2008 by MOCO.


An unconventional way to keep your books? 😉

How about this bookshelf (from the same collection above), which makes it look as if the towering book stack is all done on its own?


Finally, we have Nicholas Jones who uses books and turn them into works of art (or blasphemy, if you think books should never be deformed/manipulated for such purposes! 😛 ) Click here for more pictures and an interview with the man.


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