Eats, Shoots & Leaves – Lynne Truss


The book in one sentence: A general overview about punctuation told in a hilarious way – if you’re pro-punctuation, that is.

Who would you recommend it to: Punctuation sticklers! Anyone else would dislike it, at the very least, I think.

OK bits: I learnt the difference between American and British punctuation (who knew there was one?).

Boring bits: It can be a bit dreary at times. Well, punctuation ain’t no gossip magazine material!

Verdict: I like this book because it’s witty and educational. Though it’s not touted as a reference for punctuation, one can learn about the important bits of punctuation. In that sense, it’s not as dry as a grammar book might be then.

ps. Let’s test your punctuation with a quiz based on the book! 🙂


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  1. museditions
    Nov 06, 2008 @ 16:52:41

    I want to read this! It looks obsessive, picky, persnickety, and stuffy—just like me! 🙂 I got “100% STICKLER!” on the quiz!!!

    nylusmilk: you haven’t read this?? go to the library immediately! it’s very funny too. 😀 i just hope you won’t start going about town with paints and marker pens of various colours to correct grammar on signboards and buntings. :mrgreen:


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