Singling Out the Couples – Stella Duffy


The youngest of seven children, Stella Duffy was born in London and brought up in New Zealand, and has been a stand-up comic, a member of improvisation company Spontaneous Combustion and recently toured with Improbable Theatre’s Lifegame. She is the author of three crime novels, Calendar Girl, Wavewalker and Beneath the Blonde. Stella Duffy now lives in London.

The book in one sentence: A Neil Gaiman version of an adult fairy tale – think Gaiman at his most bizarre – but nothing like Stardust.

Who would you recommend it to: Neil Gaiman fans – I think they will like it.

OK bits: I like the bizarre-ness of the story.

Boring bits: I don’t quite understand it sometimes – just as I do with Gaiman.

Random review quote:

“A darkly post-modern fairy-tale for the This Life generation … a wise, witty, wicked book” – Scotsman

Verdict: I think it’s a great dark read. Don’t take my Gaiman comparison too seriously, though.


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