The Literary Pursuit Takes A Summer Break

Hello dear readers

I’m going for a month-long summer vacation! Unfortunately, this means I will not be updating the blog for the whole month of July. I shall be resuming normal posting once every two days in August. Please feel free to search through the archives, I’m sure there are many posts you have yet to read as I’ve only moved this blog to in July 2007 (I started it in September 2006). Lots of pictures of bookish gadgets and news and book reviews!

Enjoy browsing around The Literary Pursuit, and hope you are having a good summer. 🙂


ps. Or, if you’re lazy (it is summertime!), here are quick links to some of my most interesting posts, in my opinion. 🙂

Biblioteca Erotica
Children Books That Never Made It
Weirdest Book Titles
Rights of the Reader!
If You Constantly Max Out Your Credit Card on Books, You Need This
BookShelves That Attract More Than Your Books
Book Art: 2-D & 3-D
Romance Novels Reimagined
Bookcases Have Never Look This Gorgeous Before, Seriously
Some Bookish Eye Candy
Bookish Things: To Have & To Hold
To Be Or Not To Be: A Writer, That Is
Make Your Ceiling & Staircase Your Bookshelves
Bookshelf Smut
Kooky Book(y)shelves

Beauty really defined
A Celebration of Indolence
An Author’s Haunting
Flings with the Foreign
National Poetry Month
A Rembrandt Painting & The Old Woman
Girl Power Poetry, Woot!
Laugh at These Lewd Limericks

E-mail Literature
Virtual Bookshelves
Literary Comic Strip
The Bible Reenacted in Lego
Stars & Their Bookish Ways
Online Games For Bookworms
The Bible Not Spared From Lolcats
The Lord of the Rings, á la Bridget Jones’s prose
Free E-books Directory

Very Short Stories… Literally
The Non-existential Dictionary
Militia Hysteria
English Lesson from Wikipedia
An Author Who’s Proud of Having His Novels Stolen From Libraries
Classics Cannot Be Compulsory
What J. K. Rowling Couldn’t Do
If Ever There’s A Reading Idol To Emulate, It’s Edna Fould
How Books Are Priced
My Humble Bookshelf
A Wonderful Bookish Read

43 links for you to click – that’s 1 a day, and another one for the weekends, and a few extras if you’re super bored! 😀


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. aloi
    Jul 05, 2008 @ 13:34:13

    have a fantastic vacation! 🙂

    is it still summer there? geez, its rainy season here already!

    nylusmilk: thank you. nah, i just used the word summer in the most liberal sense, since i’m holidaying somewhere in asia. 😉


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