Story-Inspired Poem

This is a poem on the book I reviewed in the previous post. Simple and just about sums up the book!

Friendship on The Cay

Timothy and Phillip
were friends to the end,
Nothing could make their
friendship bend.

Phillip depended on
Timothy’s eyes,
To help him, to feed him …
Timothy was wise.

Timothy was a smart
friendly man,
He saved all their supplies
in a little tin can.

Timothy and Phillip
were content on the cay,
But then something bad happened —
Something very bad one day.

A hurricane came
they secured their things,
Everything left the island,
Even things with wings.

Timothy tied Phillip
against the tree,
To protect young Phillip —
That was Timothy!

The hurricane came
it ripped Timothy to a shred,
When Phillip got up,
Timothy was dead.

Phillip was devastated —
He dug a grave
This was one man
Phillip couldn’t save.

Like I said in the beginning
Their friendship won’t be broken —
This is all I will say
This poem has been spoken.

— Graham Unterberger


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