Bookish Gifts You Wish Were For Yourself

Personalised story books make great gifts for just about anyone, but especially kids. It’s also a great way to get the reading habit going, though probably at a higher price than typical storybooks. I’d love one, for sure! Would be fun to read what my alter ego gets into and how she’d react, and then compare it to my own reactions if I were placed in such a situation. But maybe I’d be annoyed if she did something that goes against my principles, haha.

Some websites for personalised story books for children and adults alike:
MadLuck Books

Related Link

This looks like a book.

But it’s really a Bookarrest. Isn’t it gorgeous? (There are other designs too.) I don’t know how good a book rest this is, though, since most books are small and do not open easily. I mean, you can’t exactly read your Lord of the Rings trilogy using this, can you??




If you love your Penguin books like I do, you might want these quirky Penguin merchandise, from book bags to pencils to faux book journals. Other stuff include mugs, tea towels and book deckchairs!

Another Related Link

Damn, internet shopping is so good and so bad.

Yet Another Related Link


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. museditions
    Jun 06, 2008 @ 13:16:05

    Penguin related items: WANT! (I mean Penguin Books, of course, not Club Penguin, hehe)

    nylusmilk: now, let me see if i can search for a bookish internet fairy godmother to grant us all our bookish wishes! 😀


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