Of Sexy Reading & Literature Maps

This site, at the front page, calls it a tourist map of literature. I expected it to show Stratford-upon-Avon when I type in William Shakespeare. Instead, what it shows is a map of authors’ names, to show what other authors do readers of Shakespeare read. The closer a name is to the author name searched, the more likely the reader will like books by that name.

It does not relate authors through a similar style of writing or period, but rather what other authors readers have read; so you could type Jilly Cooper and see Paulo Coelho’s name at the outer perimeter of the map, and strangely have Marian Keyes and Helen Fielding on the outer perimeters of the map as well.

An interesting site, but I’m not sure what is the purpose of it! 😕


I don’t like the image of this compact mirror, but I love the concept. Indeed, reading is sexy. 😉


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