Kooky Book(y)shelves

Isn’t this just the cutest (and probably most complicated) bookshelf you’ve ever seen? It’s like a playhouse and bookshelf in one; what a fantastic way to create a reading atmosphere in the playroom! Uroko House is a creation of Point Architects from Tokyo.

Apparently it’s made into a mini-bedroom inside the bookshelf-house. See the pictorial documentation of the making of this awesome bookshelf.

Another one for the kids’ playroom (or library)! The Lego-inspired bookshelf, called Skew Bookcase, is designed by Swedish designers Smånsk. I like that the shelf is stackable and removable; you don’t have to get a whole new shelf when you need more space for new books. The asymmetrical design is also good for books of all sizes. And books won’t fall over without a bookend, since they either lean one way or the other!

If you’re into collecting rare, valuable first-edition books, this King Tut Life-Sized Cabinet should be a good place to hide them.

A robot-ish bookshelf! Where do these designers get their ideas, seriously? I don’t really like it; seems to look nice only with books of the same size.


More bookshelves by Sakura Adachi, including a pet’s version! Don’t know if it’s a good idea to combine books and pets, though.

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lovelyloey
    May 13, 2008 @ 08:21:02

    I WANT THE LEGO ONE!!! It’s so me! 😛

    nylusmilk: haha, i think it’s the colour that got to you rather than the design of the bookshelf. 😉


  2. museditions
    May 13, 2008 @ 15:37:53

    You’ve done it again! Where do you find these things? I love the sarcophagus one. Much as I love my books, I sometimes think it would be nice to have them in a closed cabinet. I have all open shelving. I like the climb-through one, too. Looks like a nice place to sit and read. The first robot one might be fun, in certain circumstances, but don’t like the 2nd one as much.

    nylusmilk: haha, i don’t know! i think they find me. 😉 the sarcophagus one is a great conversation piece for guests in your home; the climb-through would be nice to go to only if it’s well-ventilated! you don’t like the lego one? i like it… childish and whimsical! 😀 also quite ikea-ish, and i love ikea furniture.


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