Life Swap – Jane Green


Jane Green is the author of Straight Talking, Jemima J, Mr Maybe, Bookends, Babyville, Spellbound and The Other Woman. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and four children.

The book in one sentence: Single English girl Vicky wants the married life dream of husband, kids and house, while married American Amber wishes she could escape that very life; so, they swap with each others’ lives through the help of a magazine contest.

Who would you recommend it to: Women who do feel like Vicky or Amber.

OK bits: There wasn’t anything that I particularly liked.

Boring bits: The narration tended to go on and on at times; I skipped it and I didn’t feel like I’ve missed anything important.

Random review quote:

“Green is the queen of the chick-literati – her books are just so damn readable” – Glamour

Verdict: It was just okay. Didn’t blow me over, didn’t expect it to. The plot was great, but somehow the characters were too perfect, with just the right amount of flaws. Very predictable, save for one I didn’t expect, but served to the predictable end anyway, so… *shrugs*


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