Ads R Us – Claire Carmichael


Claire Carmichael has written for a wide range of ages, but finds the young adult genre particularly rewarding.

She has deep interest in science and society, and how we, as individuals, face both the delights and often daunting problems of our time, as well as the new challenges, that will arise in the near future.

In her books Claire explores the meaning of personal identity, the impact of technology, and how we deal with the ceaseless rain of information that impinges on us every day.

Claire divides her time between Australia and America.

Go to for more information about the author, and links to discussion downloads about the ideas and themes in Ads R Us.

The book in one sentence: When his uncle dies, teenager Barrett Trent is taken off his simple life in an eco-cult into the big, bad, noisy city to live with his aunt, who has sinister motives for his virtually untouched mind from advertisements.

Who would you recommend it to: If you think advertisements are bad, you’d like the book. If you want to know why advertisements are bad, you should read the book.

OK bits: I like the protagonist, sensible guy.

Boring bits: The ending is a bit messy and too much for me.

Verdict: I like it. I had taken a course on advertising, so in a way what they say about advertising being a form of propaganda and brainwashing rings true to me. It’s an easy read too.


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