Bookish Decorations For The Home


This bookish lamp / drawer is the loveliest housewarming gift for a bookworm. Not only are the books part of the design, they double up as drawers too! From the picture, I can’t tell if it’s really a working lamp or just part of the design for the drawers. Oh, who cares!


This small bookcase looks a bit like a magazine rack, but it’s definitely more stylish and sturdier. What I like is that it’s called a Donkey, or rather, the Isokon Penguin Donkey Bookcase. I just found that hilarious. 😆


I’m not a doll collector kinda person, but I wouldn’t mind owning this book lady doll! She’s called Mildred, “wears a plaid skirt, cardigan sweater, stylish hat, reading glasses, a book bag on her shoulder, and a cameo pin at her throat. Of course, she carries a stack of books.” A bit stereotypical of a bookish woman, but it’s still cute. Would be nice if they have other characters, like how Barbie has friends. 😛


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  1. zencath
    Apr 15, 2008 @ 02:29:18

    Some years ago I made a very stylish bedside cabinet from three cuboidal supermarket boxes stacked one atop the other, and filled with books. A sturdy piece of furniture.

    Another piece I designed was a line of books along the floor with two house-bricks at each end. It must have been a good design because visitors would always spend more time looking at it than any other piece of furniture in the flat.

    nylusmilk: you sound like quite a carpenter. 🙂 i’m sure they looked interesting!


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