Illuminating Books & Elastic Bookcases As A Fashion Statement

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I think this book lamp would look really spooky if you don’t know it’s a lamp!

Nevertheless, it looks really gorgeous and it’s like a physical metaphor of how books do indeed illuminate our lives.



Now this is a bookcase that maximises and minimises itself literally! You can fit any book no matter the height, and you can rearrange your books to adjust the bookcase at an interesting angle too.



Although this is supposed to be a cat lover’s gift, I wouldn’t mind this bookish fashion statement! I mean, look how comfortable it’s snuggled around those well-worn books? Check out more bookish collectibles here, among which there are puzzles in book-shaped boxes and a sweet bookish waterglobe!

p.s. Thanks to my buddy MusEditions who gave me the links to the bookish feline tote bag site!


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  1. museditions
    Mar 16, 2008 @ 15:31:52

    The only reason I dislike your “items for book lovers” posts is that I want to buy everything! And some of them are pretty pricey. “The Enlightenment” is wonderful. What a great night light it would make. (At some distance, I think). I loved reading the description on their website, too. Delightful prose. Thanks for the link love. The moment I saw the tote bag I thought of you. 🙂

    nylusmilk: haha, i’m just passing along my frustration of not being able to own any of these wonderful stuff. 😛 they are definitely expensive, but they’re unique, which might explain why the prices were such. no, thank you for the link, i loved looking at the bookish stuff there, albeit with an envious sigh. 😛


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