My Bookmark Collection

img_1800.jpg img_1803.jpg img_1804.jpg

Look, look! My lovely bookmarks from my ever-growing bookmark collection. I finally got around to taking some photos of them, because I sent them as part of a contest. (If I win, I’ll link it, hehe.) Sorry for the rather silly placement of bookmarks. I tried to throw it artistically as arrangement but they always look messy and block the really nice bookmarks from view. The first picture is some of my generic paper bookmarks, but I love those kind. The second picture shows non-paper bookmarks; not very practical to use for certain kind of books but very pretty all the same. The third picture is bookmarks I got from a calendar by the Singapore Tourism Board; there’s a bookmark for each month in the calendar! Unfortunately, I lost or torn some of them, hence only 8 in the picture.

This is just a small part of my collection. I’d say I have about 200+ bookmarks.

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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chris@bookarama
    Feb 29, 2008 @ 00:45:44

    Very pretty!

    nylusmilk: thank you! 😀


  2. lovelyloey
    Feb 29, 2008 @ 02:22:57

    The Merlion! The Merlion!

    nylusmilk: i like merlions too, less cheesy than mermaids. 😛 i used to have a merlion keychain, also from the singapore tourism board, heh.


  3. museditions
    Feb 29, 2008 @ 16:15:00

    Nice collection! Makes me want to see more. I like the paper ones too, particularly the chocolate one. You are like chocolate. 🙂

    nylusmilk: thanks! maybe in the future i might take photos of the other awesome ones. 😉 awww, that’s so sweet, thank you! 😀


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