Bonkers About Bookmarks

I love bookmarks. I collect them. But I didn’t realise there’s a history behind it dating back to ancient times!

Check the bookmark site out. And here are some interesting quotes about bookmarks:

I just got out of the hospital. I was in a speed-reading accident. I hit a bookmark.
Steven Wright

The war was a sort of bookmark which divided the pages of history.
Daughters Of The House | Michèle Roberts | 1992

A bookmark is usable and a piece of art, therefore it is functional art.
Katy Cox and Sue Uhlig | Perdue University Galleries

Used books are my dearest: notes on the margin, old tickets and postcards as bookmarks from persons who on the other end of the world may have gotten a murderer or are dead now, but for a short time the same story was performed in our heads, we read the same story.
Michèle Roten | Das Magazin | 50 – 2007 | Switzerland

Bookmarks come in all shapes and sizes. Many are shaped like knives or swords because at the turn of the century, many pages in books were not completely separated, so they were also used as paper cutters.
Howard Schecter |

The bookmark accompanying the books for six hundred years now, curiously didn’t receive much attention yet.
E. Günther Rehse | Lesezeichen | 1994

The story of the bookmarker has not yet been fully told, perhaps because this useful but humble accessory to the library has but slight historical interest apart from that of the volume to which it belongs.
Frank Hamel | The History and Development of the Bookmarker | The Book-Lovers’s Magazine, 1906

Sometimes a bookmark can bring a smile, somethimes cause a pause for thought but it nearly always sparks off a memory and apart from a postcard or a photograph there is not many things that have the power to do that.
Simon Quicke | The Love of Bookmarks | Inside Books |

The most unusual thing I ever found returned in a book was a passport – being used as a bookmark …
Carol Simmons | Director | Daly City Library

Nowadays bookmarks are more sophisticated; bookdarts is an example of that.


It doesn’t just marks the page where you stopped reading but also the exact paragraph or passage where you stopped. Great for keeping tabs or references on certain passages.


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  1. lovelyloey
    Feb 11, 2008 @ 16:32:27

    remember the magnet bookmarks I sent to you?
    I restocked them and give them to friends now!

    nylusmilk: of course i do! so cute.

    haha, makes a great, quick gift yeah? 😉


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