Kiddy-ish, But Book-ish Nonetheless

I love children’s books, and I’m a real sucker for accessories that show off my bookish side. I even had an amazing blog buddy made me a pair of book earrings! 😛

So yeah, I’d wear stuff like this Dr. Seuss Queeners Girls T-Shirt


except that it’s for kids, and my body’s not very petite (even if my height is)!

I’ll force this Dr. Seuss Grinch Face Red Infant Onesie on my baby, she’ll look adorable… wait, I don’t have a kid! Haha.

More cutesy Dr Seuss stuff here.

For you Beatrix Potter fans out there, you’ll love these brooches and charms.




1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. aloi
    Jan 28, 2008 @ 11:33:59

    oh gosh, these are so cute! i have a thing for kiddy-ish accessories. good thing i have a kid as an excuse 😉

    nylusmilk: haha, lucky you. 😉 but only if you can afford such cute luxury!


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