Random Bookish Stuff

The Kansas City Library

It’s like an Alice in Wonderland library, don’t you think? 😉 Sourced from here.

The Cardiff Public Library


If you’ve always loved the musky, musty scent of a library, now you can smell like one too.


The CB Experience: In the Library scent is described as

The Scent

English Novel taken from a Signed First Edition of one of my [the creator] very favorite novels, Russian & Moroccan leather bindings, worn cloth and a hint of wood polish

Available in absolute perfume (eau de parfum), water perfume (eau de toilette) and home spray (obviously for those who rather have their rooms smell like a library than they themselves).



I made this with the Ancient Parchment Generator. Cute!


Now test your punctuation! It’s based on Lynne Truss’s famous Eats, Shoots & Leaves book about punctuation.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cat
    Dec 25, 2007 @ 16:12:53

    I guess being a 25% stickler and having it tell me all the time I’m wrong isn’t a good thing, huh?

    And I think i pretty mcuh read all of the books ont he second picture.

    nylusmilk: well, as a gamer and blogger you don’t have to be punctually correct all the time. 😉

    i could only make out dan brown’s angels and demons and two harry potter books from the picture!


  2. museditions
    Dec 26, 2007 @ 10:31:47

    You didn’t say how you scored, ny. I got 75%, but I like to be creative with puctuation.
    I love books, but I’m not sure I want to smell like one.
    The KC car park is the way coolest library building I’ve seen! I’ve read some of these books–can’t make out the titles on all. What a fun bookie post!

    nylusmilk: i scored almost all correct, but only because i read the book. 😛

    i don’t know what’s a bookish scent, but i’d give it a try. i already have a perfume that smells like chocolate!

    same here, my eyes aren’t as good as carocat’s. cats have great eyesights after all! 🙂

    thank you! random stuff are usually fun really. 😀


  3. Cat
    Dec 26, 2007 @ 14:41:09

    Heh, I wear glasses, so my eyes aren’t that great!

    Right, I see:

    2 Harry Potters
    2 Patricia Cornwells
    2 Sidney Sheldons
    1 Nicci french
    1 Halran Coben
    1 David Baldacci
    1 Colin Forbes
    1 Tess Gerritsen
    1 Mary Higgins-Clark
    1 Josephine Cox.

    There are about five books I can’t make out and I can’t see which ones they are, but considering I’ve read all the books of the above authors, I’m fairly certain I’ve read the ones dispayed!

    Do I win a prize? 😀

    nylusmilk: unadulterated admiration from the squinting duo that is muse and i! haha. :mrgreen:


  4. museditions
    Dec 27, 2007 @ 03:45:19

    I’ll second that! Whew, how’d you see all that, cat?
    So, it turns out I’ve read about half of these. Better get busy!


  5. Cat
    Dec 27, 2007 @ 08:21:59

    Well, compiling that list took me about five minutes. But I do have my bookcase with those books right here, so I know how the back of those books looks like!


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