This Is One Vandalism Any Bookshop Would Love To Have

Famous author mistaken for yob
August 16, 2007

ONE of the world’s most successful authors was mistaken for a vandal in an Alice Springs book shop yesterday.

Stephen King was seen signing several of his own books at Dymocks in Alice Springs.

Store manager Bev Ellis said other customers thought he was vandalising the books. But the horror novelist was soon recognised.

Ms Ellis followed him to a nearby supermarket – where the multi-millionaire was buying fruit and veg – and thanked him for autographing seven copies of his latest work, Lisey’s Story.

A customer immediately bought one of the books and the shop plans to donate the rest to be auctioned for charity.

King is believed to have left Alice yesterday afternoon.

Ms Ellis said the author’s surprise visit and private signing session was not particularly eccentric.

“Lots of authors do it,” she said. “They’ll come into the shop and check if their works are on the shelves.

“If they are, they’ll often sign a few copies. If they’re not, they’ll ask about them.

“It’s embarrassing if we haven’t got their work on the shelves.”

Ms Ellis said King was on a private visit to the Territory and wanted to keep a low profile.

“His Australian distributor rang me and he didn’t even know King was in the country.”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Josette
    Oct 07, 2007 @ 15:48:03

    Haha! An interesting article. If only more famous authors dropped by our bookshops and signed a few of their books!

    nylusmilk: if famous authors are ever in malaysia, they definitely wouldn’t be mistaken for yobs! haha…


  2. Captain Maybe
    Oct 08, 2007 @ 23:09:01

    It could, of course, have just been some guy looks like Stephen King and likes to play tricks on people.

    nylusmilk: it could, but i’d think that the newspaper would get it facts straight and sure before publishing something like this. 🙂


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