BookShelves That Attract More Than Your Books


Isn’t this bookshelf absolutely wacky? It’s the sort of thing you’d imagine in an Enid Blyton’s book, in the Land of Higgledy-Piggledy or something.


This is the Beckerman filing tree. You could put your magazines in the partitions while the fat ones can go in the pigeonholes.

This one is a more conventional design, but just unique enough to set it apart from the typical pigeonhole bookshelf. I like this.

How about a collapsible bookshelf? This is really handy for books of different sizes, as you can see in the picture, you can make place for bigger books on the shelf by collapsing, or rather folding back.

And what about this one? Looks as if you’ve glued your books to the wall. Definitely beats setting up those wall shelves, methinks!

There’s a similar bookshelf to the one above, except that’s it’s set horizontally instead of vertically. This is another site with the same design.

If you’re handy in DIY, why not try making on your own an invisible book shelf! There’s a step by step guide, and it looks fairly simple. Just don’t tear your wall down when you go home improvement crazy with this cute idea.


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