Plague – Jean Ure


Jean Ure lives in a three-hundred year old house in Croydon with her husband and a family of rescued animals (seven dogs, four cats). She trained as an actress but writing is the only real job she has ever had – her first book was published while she was still at school. SHe is a vegan and a committed animal rights worker.

The book in one sentence: What would happen if the world suffered a man-made plague that’s like The Black Death (bubonic plague).

Who would you recommend it to: Tweens and teens, though adults can also enjoy it in one sitting too.

Best bits: The plot.

Boring bits: Nothing that stands out as boring.

Only review quote:

“a cross between Lord of the Flies and Day of the Triffids… it is better written than anything by Wyndham and I prefer her characters to Golding’s unconvincing schoolboys.” – The Guardian

Verdict: Loved it. It is very dark, though not as dark as Lord of the Flies (cannabalism has to be the darkest subject in humanity). I’m going to buy the other two books in this trilogy, After the Plague and Watchers at the Shrine.

Other books by Jean Ure I’ve read: Hi There Supermouse!


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  1. SilverNeurotic
    Jun 02, 2007 @ 10:26:45

    Erm, sounds like a “kids” version of Stephen King’s “The Stand”.

    nylusmilk: yea? i think i’d enjoy this more than stephen king, king of horror he may be.


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