Make A Bookworm’s Day

By sending e-postcards of books and reading from

By the way, my e-mail address is nylusmil [at] gmail [dot] com. You know, just in case. If you want to. 😛

Edit: Eeeeee! So sweet. Look what my favourite blog buddy got me.


The e-card is too big so I’ve snipped it, but it says below that Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know is playing, and I like that song very much too!

(Err, hehe, couldn’t hear the song actually, because my speakers were long broken and I’m too much of a technophobe to replace it. Yet. I mean, you have to build up the feeling of I need to get it replaced even though there’s a risk of screwing up my computer, because I’m such a nimcompoop when it comes to computers and thus terrified at every wire or plug that I touch might spontaneously combust. It’s a very complicated feeling only computer illiterates can identify with.

But anyway, this post is about postcards of books. Send one and make a book lover’s day like my day has been made!)

(And yes, lovely, you guessed right. Three more weeks till finals, have many more assignments due which I have barely started on, and I’ve just borrowed some more books from library! Hardcore bookworm.)


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