Weekend in Paris – Robyn Sisman


Robyn Sisman was born in Los Angeles and grew up in various parts of the States and Europe. She is the author of Special Relationship, Perfect Strangers, Just Friends and Weekend in Paris, all of which were Sunday Times bestsellers and have sold worldwide in over twenty languages. She is a full-time writer and currently lives in Somerset, near Bath.

The book in one sentence: Just like the title: a weekend in Paris. (But obviously it must be something so special that it’s worth being written in the first place.)

Who would you recommend it to: Hopeless romantics who actually, or would like to, believe in whirlwind romances. Like silly old me.

Best bits: The beginning, when the protagonist falls into a whirlwind romance with a French artist. Mais bien sûr!

Boring bits: There wasn’t such thing as a boring bit, but the worst bit has to be the way she saw a different side to her French boyfriend lover (she thinks it sounds more mature if she called him her lover and not her boyfriend). And they way they made up just before she went back to England was a little nonsensical and hurried, the reason not plausible enough.

Random review quote:

Weekend in Paris shines as brightly as the City of Light itself. Molly Clearwater is a lovely and engaging heroine, as upbeat as Elle Woods and as lovable as Bridget Jones” — Meg Cabot – author of Boy Meets Girl and The Princess Diaries

Verdict: I certainly did not feel the same way as Meg Cabot did for this book. I was hoping it would be as good as the movie Before Sunrise, which had a similar boy-meets-girl-in-Europe plot. Perhaps my expectations had led to my disappointment, but only slightly. It is a good book in its own right. The ending was not as I would like it to be, but it was a dignified ending, at the very least. It describes Paris in a very detailed and loving manner, which I am happy enough about since I’m a mild francophile and would devour books set in France just to read and soak the French atmosphere.


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