Hawkes Harbor – S. E. Hinton


S. E Hinton is the bestselling author of The Outsiders, Rumble Fish, Tex and That Was Then, This Is Now. She has been acclaimed as one of the most provocative writers of her generation and her gritty and powerful novels have inspired four major motion pictures. She lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The book in one sentence: Former seafarer Jamie Sommers settles down in Hawkes Harbor to stumble upon something so terrible it nearly drives him to insanity, and in the process completely changes his life forever.

Who would you recommend it to: I’m not sure if fans of The Outsiders would love this. I’d recommend it to fans of the supernatural genre.

Best bits: The way Hinton completely twists the plot of this supernatural novel. Made the characters superbly complex and human.

Boring bits: The beginning, but not too boring.

Randomly picked quote:

“A rousing read … This is a contemporary Treasure Island with a genre-bending twist” — Publishers Weekly

Verdict: This is a really peculiar book. It is so different from Hinton’s previous young adult books, yet at times the protagonist seems to resemble her teenage protagonists from before. It is a great read for its unusual handling of the plot, if nothing else. Left me with a very, very weird feeling. Weird that is not bad; I lack the words to describe the weirdness I feel.

Scratch the last two sentences. Read this, seriously!

Other S. E. Hinton’s books I’ve read: The Outsiders, Tex, Rumble Fish, That Was Then, This Is Now, Taming the Star Runner


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