Literary Questionnaire

Answering rhigirl’s meme.

1. Best literary festival/book fair experience?
I have never been to a literary festival – I would love to go to one in England some day (preferably something with chick lit or children’s literature to offer 😛 ). In Malaysia, there are book fairs but I have yet to have been to one too. I have been to lots of book sales though.

2. How do you organize your bookshelves?
Right now, alphabetically. I currently have two levels on my bookshelf. The bottom level holds all my favourite books while the top holds the books I used to love but not anymore and the ones I don’t like from the start.

3. Ever managed to get one of your favorite authors’ autographs?

4. If you said No to the previous question, which of your favorite authors do you want an autograph from?
Agatha Christie and Roald Dahl, but they’re both dead heh. Umm… S. E. Hinton, who wrote one of my favourite books The Outsiders. Harper Lee (would fetch me a fortune!). Sophie Kinsella and Jilly Cooper, my two favourite chick lit authors. Hmm, let’s throw in Helen Fielding too.

Oh honestly, any author will do.

5. Ever visited the residence/museum of a famous author?

6. If you said Yes to the previous question, what was it like? Awe-inspiring? Dull? Disappointing? Enlightening?
Not applicable.

7. Has popular culture ever influenced your reading choices?
Very much. I’d pick a contemporary novel over something classic most days.

8. More generally, how do you choose what to read?
Snazzy covers pique my interest, as well as an intriguing synopsis. I definitely tend to read other books written by the same author, if I like his/her books previously.

9. What does being a bookworm mean to you?
Someone who places books and reading as one of his/her top priorities in life.

10. How many book series, whether fictional or non-fictional, do you own? What are your favorites?
My first real collection would be the Sweet Valley Twins & Friends, but before that my parents used to get me lots of Enid Blytons. Right now I have the Harry Potter ones, of course, and Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series. I also own all of S. E. Hinton’s books.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. RG
    Jan 29, 2007 @ 00:18:35

    What a lovely banner, sulz! ‘Course, anything sweet (and chocolatey) in pictures is lovely.

    I like your definition of a bookworm. Excellent answers in general, though!

    sulz: thank you, it’s amazing what turns up when ones does a little search. 😉


  2. lovelyloey
    Jan 29, 2007 @ 07:47:46

    In Singapore, there is no difference between a book sale and a book fair. They’re both out to sell stuff and rip people off. Except when you get a book clearance sale which is slightly cheaper. Heh. Ok I’m going to do this meme later.

    sulz: book sales meaning those clearance sale la. but there was a real book sale recently by mph, just outside their bookshop as opposed to factories. didn’t go, too broke!


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