Times the Bookshop Warehouse Sale

Ah, glorious book sales, how I love thee!

(Though it was terribly awkward when I nearly bumped, several times, into a lecturer who once taught me. I didn’t greet her because she was quite horrible in class. I’m sure she recognised me though, because I brilliantly wore my college t-shirt.)

I finally got my proper copy of I am David by Anne Holm (instead of my photocopy of the book). Anyway, the whole list of books, which cost RM58 (how my pocket burns), bought is as below:

1. I am David by Anne Holm for RM11. Hardcover, okay? Normal price is RM26.90.
2. Shitting Pretty: How to Stay Clean & Healthy While Traveling by Dr. Jane Wilson-Howarth for RM5. For some reason I’m anally (pun so intended) fascinated by toilet tales.
3. The Faraway Tree Collection by Enid Blyton for RM27. This omnibus has all three books, which are The Enchanted Wood, The Magic Faraway Tree and The Folk of Faraway Tree. Am going to start collecting those classic Enid Blytons, like The Wishing-Chair series and Amelia Jane.
4. Chamber’s Super-Mini Book of Facts for RM5. It’s like a dictionary of all things asked in trivia quizzes, like scientific names for fruits and vegetables, conversion tables, etc etc. Very useful, am sure.
5. Collins Italian Dictionary for RM10. Granted, this edition is quite old, but it’s in mint condition and the latest edition costs RM40 which a classmate has. Can you scream value?

The warehouse sale will run until 21 January 2006. What are you waiting for!


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