Aural Literature

If you love having read to as a child by your parents, perhaps you’ll like LibriVox. It’s a free audiobook site where you can download the mp3s and listen to the stories on your computer or mp3 player. Mostly classics, of course, but maybe classics are better heard than read?

It’s great for someone who wants to read without actually reading. Or if you’re on a long road trip it’s a nice alternative to music. Or as the perfect thing to doze off to at night. Oh yeah, and I would absolutely recommend it as a nice addition on your mp3 player – you never know when you might want something different and more stimulating than what’s on your playlist, or if an occasion calls for it (like a loooong wait at a queue).

I’ve never been taken in by that idea of someone reading a book to me. Why would I want to do that when I can read it myself? I can reread a sentence if I wasn’t concentrating and I can put a bookmark from where I stop without being too disoriented when I resume my reading.

However, my rapidly deteriorating eyesight may mean I’m going down the darkening vision tunnel. I might need those audiobooks one day…


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  1. Kel
    Nov 28, 2006 @ 07:24:42

    thanks for this 🙂
    My parents both have long commutes in to work, and have become addicted to audiobooks. We’ve been looking for somewhere for them to download stuff like this!

    sulz: glad to help! 🙂 🙂


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