The Most Interesting Books Always Come at the Most Inopportune Times

It’s the exam season, and this is what I got from the almost devoid of students college library last fortnight. Why is it that the good books are always found just before the exams? Makes sense, I suppose, because everyone else is at the library to study for exams and not searching for leisure reading like this crazy bookworm. No matter I didn’t study (then, not now!) if I end up getting such interesting books. And I also found RM10 on the floor!

Dominatrix: The Making of Mistress Chloe by Claire Mansfield and John Mendelssohn. The title is very telling – of course, it’s about the world of BDSM (I know what SM means, but BD? Anyone?)
Getting In by James Finney Boylan. Novel about four seniors on a road trip around the Ivy League area trying to ace those college interviews.
Rice Bowl by Su-chen Christine Lim. A Singaporean novel about four idealistic people trying to make a difference in university.
Songs in Ordinary Time by Mary McGarry Morris. It has an Oprah’s Book Club tag.
The Sportswriter by Richard Ford. Says in the cover he is the author of Independence Day – meaning there’s a book for that Will Smith movie or it’s some other story altogether?
A Fête Worse Than Death by Iain Aitch. My mild anglophile streak should enjoy this!


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