Banning Books in Malaysia


I chuckled initially when I read this post. Spongebob Squarepants banned? But I watch the cartoon every day with my baby at home…

Some of the books banned are totally gobsmacking. Apparently to allow a guide book about teaching your child the bird and the bees into the country may breed future rapists and incest practices, by implication of banning it it seems. And I don’t know why Dora the Explorer is so ban-worthy? For promoting a Spanish element that might threaten the status of the national language?

The banning system must probably work this way:

Customs officer 1: Today I’m in an effing rotten mood. I’ll just ban anything that rubs my eyes the wrong way. What is this, Dora? Is she related to that Japanese comic character Doraemon? God, my kids are bleeding obsessed with it! Never do their homework anymore ever since their cousins gave them their old copies of the comics. I’m just gonna ban this – no way I want my kids getting addicted to this shit instead!

Customs officer 2: Bugger, I already give the money signal with my hand, some more act like didn’t see! Fine la, don’t want to give me my coffee money, I’ll just BAN THIS STUPID TEAPOT BOOK!

Customs officer 3: Oh my God – The Heart of Tantric Sex, 10 Commandments of Pleasure: Erotic Keys to a Healthy Sexual Life, The Best Sex Positions Ever?! These are perfect for me and the missus! But like hell would I want to fork out the money or be seen buying them. Never mind, I’ll just BAN THEM then TAKE THEM HOME on the quiet. I’m gonna be some hot stuff after reading this, YES I AM! *lewd snigger*

I’ve just read a memoir by a dominatrix borrowed from my college library, explicit content high enough, I’m pretty sure, for the extremists to demand it be banned. I managed to read finish Annie Proulx’s famous short-story-turned-blockbuster-hit Brokeback Mountain with all the juicy alternative love details in an hour at the naughty college library. However did these get through if poor Spongebob couldn’t?

I take a small comfort of victory upon seeing a familiar title in the list – I’ve read The Dirty Girls Social Club by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez! In case you’re wondering the girls are anything but the usual connotations associated with the word ‘dirty’ – it’s a typical girl-power chick lit with a Latina flavour, is all.

This is the list of banned books in Malaysia.

This blog is set up by some very passionate bookworm bloggers who expound on the issue, and also where I got the picture in this post and the button on my sidebar from.

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